How to organize your next team building activity

Team building activities are quite common in today’s organizations. This is because they have realized that employees need some time off work to mingle with each other while not at work. Once you organize a team-building activity and look forward to the next one, you should make sure the next is better than the previous one. This is because you do not want to bore your employees as they keep engaging in the same activities over and over.

How do you ensure success in your next team building activity? Follow the following guide:

1. Gather feedback

The first thing you need to check on is what your employees are saying about the previous event you held for them. Their satisfaction as well as complains are what will guide you as you organize the next event for them. This is because you will an idea of what they want as well as what to avoid as they were not impressed by it.

2. Schedule the activity during work hours

As its the duty of an employee to always show up at work, you should keep them away from work on this particular day by this. This is because weekends or off days are not the best time to call upon your employees for a corporate team building activity. It’s their leisure time and they are entitled to it. Apart from that, scheduling during work hours makes it more fun as they ease pressure while not working but by engaging in the day’s activity. It will also ensure that the numbers turn up as this is workday turned to a fun day.

3. Set clear expectations

You need to be quite clear on what you want to achieve this time that was not achieved in the previous. Draw the line and make the goals and objectives well known to all your employees so that at the end of the day you will have accomplished them. This will also work as a framework or a guide on the day’s activities as they are aware of what is being worked on. You can also go as far as awarding the best to make the day more competitive.